Bali is a destination which caters to every kind of traveler, whether it is your business deal to crack or you want to have some family time with your loved ones or you are looking for some golden moments with your partner, Bali Travel Guide has got you covered.

Everything you need to Know about Bali- Bali Travel Guide

Bali is a super cost-effective destination, so it’s easy to visit the destination and not worry about spending. Here are some tips to travel Bali.

  • Currency used

The currency used in Bali is the Indonesian rupiah, pronounced “rue- pee- ah”, it is abbreviated as (Rp). Prices are written with the abbreviation- Rp before any amount. For example- Rp 10,000. The interesting part is, currency is quite colorful. The official currency code is IDR.

  • Languages spoken

Languages in Bali

Bali is an amalgamation of various cultures which allows the destination to house a number of languages.


Balinese is the original and fundamental language of Bali, It is spoken by over 3.3 million people, and Balinese is now limited to informal communication and oral usage among families only.


Indonesian is an official language of Indonesia, It is used across the country and one of the most majorly spoken languages in the world.

Foreign Languages

Due to increase in influx of tourists, English is gaining popularity in Bali. Other than English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German and French are also grabbing space because of the growing expatriates and foreigners in Bali.

  • Best time to visit Bali

The destination features two seasons- the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season is considered to be the best time to visit the Islands of God. The ideal time to plan your holidays in Bali is between April and October which is a dry season. There are almost no rain or less rain during summers which makes Bali more comfortable for beach lovers. Book Bali travel packages with us from any corner of the world.

  • Best Places to Visit in Bali

Kuta Beach

No wonder the breathtaking spot is crowded, but this popular stretch accompanying Legian and Seminyak beaches to the north, is worth a visit. Kuta beach is an ideal choice if you are a beginner surfer or you want to laze under sun. Travelers can indulge in taking surfing lessons and can rent surfing boards, umbrellas or sun loungers from the vendors on the beach. There are number of cafes and eateries to savor in. You must try icy cold coconut slosh and relax by the beach.

Nusa Dua Beach

If you are seeking for a silent and peaceful experience without traffic, crowds and hustle bustle of the tourists, The Nusa Dua beach is an ideal place for you. The famous among all three islands is Nusa Lembongan, located 20 kilometers away from Sanur and it is accessible by speedboat. You can indulge in adventure sports activities such as Surfing, diving, kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boarding. You must visit popular attractions such as Mushroom Bay, Dream Beach and Devil’s Tears rock outcrop with the scenic vistas of hitting surf erupting over the rocks. Locals here do seaweed farming for the survival. You might get a glimpse of them doing harvesting.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach is not just a beautiful place to hang out and relish the beauty of nature, it is also popular for its exceptional designers and fantastic shopping experience. You will explore the unique Balinese designs along the Seminyak’s streets. Trendiest fashion, jewelry, accessories, surf and swimwear, furniture and homewares are few items that you can purchase from the shops and bustling market stalls at Seminyak. Top places such as Sea Gypsy, Drifter Surf shop & café, Biasa, Magali Pascal and many more where you can get plenty of things for shopping and gifts for your family and friends.

Walk through the Monkey

If you are fond of wildlife, then a Walk through the Monkey Forest in Ubud will definitely impress you. The monkey forest is also popular as Monkey Forest Sanctuary is one of the best places in Bali to visit and a perfect option for animal lovers and wildlife photographers. You may explore a huge number of monkeys roaming free, jumping from one branch to another, you can watch them and interact with them. The forest also embodies rare species of plants and place is also used for research purpose on macaque behavior especially their social interaction.

Tanah Lot Temple

Pura Tanah Lot is one of the topmost iconic attractions to visit in Bali, “Pura” means temple in Balinese (native language). It was built in the 16th century and it is said that it was inspired by a priest who asked a fisherman to build a temple. The temple is famous for its mesmerizing setting, it is perched on a rocky islet outlined by hitting waves. It offers breathtaking views for the travelers especially during the sunset. The temple is one of the sacred temples among all the sea temples located on the Island.

How to reach Bali?


Denpasar International Airport is situated in South Kuta and is 13 kilometers from Denpasar. Flights from metropolitan cities fly on regular basis. Denpasar Airport is well connected to almost every part of Indonesia and has continuous flights connecting with leading cities in the country. Book your upcoming vacation with us from any corner of the world. After landing at airport, you can get taxi to reach your destination.


If you are in Jakarta, you can take a bus to Bali, the journey is of 23 hours. If you are fond of long journeys then you will definitely enjoy it.


Bali is renowned for cruise liners crossing through South East Asia. To reach Bali via sea route, you have to board a flight to Singapore, Java or Sumatra and take ship for your journey to Bali. The information desks are available at the airport to guide the visitors.

  • Transport in Bali

The best way to explore a place in details is on foot. Apart from its pristine beaches and rice terrains, the destination has spots where you can stroll and explore on foot. Walking is quite a task though, as roads and lanes are treacherous. You can explore villages of Ubud and Mount Batur by walking.

Buses are not very common form of transportation used in Bali to go around. But buses run for longer routes covering Denpasar, Amlapura, Gilimanuk and Singaraja. These buses for longer routes have minimum one station in each town. The fares are quite on higher side, it can go up to IDR 10,000. Most popular bus services for tourists are- Perama, Bemos, Ojek and Dokar.


Taxis are considered as the most trustworthy form of transport in Bali. One of the most popular taxi service is Blue Bird. Blue Bird taxis are in an ample amount and impossible to miss because of their distinct blue color and bluebird logo. Avoid taxis without logo or broken logo.

Car and Motorcycle Rentals

Travelers who are able to ride a bike or drive cars, then they can go for option of car and bike rental services. This is the best way to go around in Bali and explore things the way you want. There are travel agencies which offers cars, bikes and scooters on rent. You must carry your driving license and follow all the traffic rules like wearing a helmet. There is one more option to move around which is much cheaper than

Travellers who can drive or ride a bike are at a massive advantage as the best way to move around in Bali is with your own vehicle. Scooters, also known as ‘motors’ can be rented for a day. Several tourist agencies in Kuta and Seminyak offer these bikes for rent. Wearing a helmet is vital. An even cheaper alternative is renting a bicycle. If your budget is on the higher side, you could hire a car along with a driver. If you intend to rent a self-drive car, you must carry your international driver’s license. Remember that the Balinese drive on the left hand side of the road. Check prices of renting and fuels with various vendors before committing to one, to avoid overpaying, as these prices keep changing.


The sister islands of Bali can be accessed by local cruises. Since these come in elaborate tour packages, inclusive of meals and a short stay, they can be quite expensive. Traditional, inexpensive boats can be used for shorter distances, however, their safety measures are rather questionable.

How to Book a Bali Travel Package?

To proceed with your Bali Travel packages, select your desired package and fill in the right details like number of days you want to spend at your dream destination and choice of attraction you would like to cover. After completing the registration part, you will receive an instant email or call from our customer care team. Our travel expert will assist you throughout the entire process and your journey. Our customer care team makes sure that you receive satisfactory and hassle- free service.